UI-based translations

Zikula 3 introduces two new abilities for creating and changing translations.

Both can be accessed in the Settings module at the localisation settings if the environment is set to dev.

Edit in place functionality

Allows to edit translations directly in the context of a page (demo).

Edit in place has some limitations you should be aware of:

  • It always works for the current locale only; so in order to update translation for multiple languages you need to switch your site's language.
  • It can only work with one single configuration. By default this is set to zikula, so it works for the core. If you want to use it for a module or a theme, you need to put the corresponding configuration name that follows the pattern <vendor><name><bundletype> (e.g. zikulastaticcontentmodule or zikulabootstraptheme) into /config/packages/dev/php_translation.yaml at translation.edit_in_place.config_name.

You can utilise HTML formatting options when your translation keys end with the .html suffix (screenshot).

Web UI: provides a web interface to add, edit and remove translations

It features a dashboard page (screenshot) for the overall progress. When you dive into a translation domain you can use a form to change the translation messages (screenshot).

The web UI is able to handle multiple configurations and target languages.