Using the PHP and Symfony's Intl classes

Zikula expects PHP's intl extension to be installed to facilitate internationalization functions within the code.

If it is installed properly in your PHP build, you can search your phpinfo output and you should find something like —enable-intl in the Configure Command and Internationalization support => enabled in the output.

If these are NOT found, then the Intl component from Symfony will be used instead as a polyfill. These will enable the functions to work without error, but the functions will only work for the en locale.

Support in enabling this PHP extension should be obtained through your web provider. This is not something Zikula can help with.

Symfony's Intl class is used as a wrapper to access

  • Country Names
  • Currencies
  • Language and Script Names
  • Locales
  • Timezones

For further information read Accessing ICU Data.