Theme configuration

File: /Resources/config/theme.yaml

Status: Required

Must: define a 'master' realm

Description: define various 'realms' within a theme. Within a realm, a pattern is defined that is used by regex to match the (1) path, (2) route id, or (3) the module name. The realms are matched from top to bottom returning the first match (case-insensitive). Therefore, more specific definitions must be higher than general definitions.

Three additional 'alias' realms may be defined and neither requires a pattern: 1) Defining an 'admin' realm will be used when @Theme('admin') controller method annotation is detected in the method 2) Defining a 'home' realm will be used when the path = / 3) Defining an 'error' realm will be used when an exception is thrown (other than AccessDeniedException) and the error template is rendered.

Any block positions in the page's template must be defined here.

Do not duplicate realm names or later entries will override previous entries

Optional Values

  • bootstrapPath: set a zasset-type path to override the core bootstrap.css - the file is then stored in your Theme's Resources/public/css/ directory
    • e.g.: bootstrapPath: "@ZikulaBootstrapTheme:css/cerulean.min.css"
  • blockWrapping: set a boolean value to indicate whether ALL blocks will be wrapped with a unique container <div>
    • e.g. blockWrapping: false
    • default: true (if no parameter is set)
    • WARNING: certain core functionalities (e.g. collapseable blocks) require this <div> and break without it.