Twig template global variables

In addition to the global variables that are provided by Symfony, Zikula provides the following global variables.


The pagevars variable makes registered variables available in the template.

{{ pagevars.homepath }}
{{ pagevars.title }}
{{ pagevars.meta.description }}
{{ pagevars.meta.charset }}

When creating a template, variables can be created, modified or retrieved using the template tags:

{{ pageSetVar('title', 'My Custom Page Title'|trans ) }}
{{ pageGetVar('title', 'my default value') }}

Note: do NOT use pagevars.homepath for an asset path! The constructed url is locale sensitive and will include the locale in the path!


The themevars variable makes the theme's variables available in the template. These are assigned in the variables.yaml file for the theme and editable in the theme's config UI.

{{ themevars.<variablename> }}


The currentUser variable makes various other properties available in the template. Any property of the UserEntity plus an additional loggedIn property (boolean).

{{ currentUser.loggedIn }}
{{ currentUser.uname }}
{{ currentUser.uid }}
{{ }}
{{ currentUser.<propertyname> }}

Symfony global variables

For more information about the global variables provided by symfony, please see this doc.