Bootstrap NavBar Menus

  1. Standard NavBar (list-style) Menu
  2. Drop Menu

Standard NavBar (list-style) Menu

A normal menu as created in the Dynamic menus document can be easily converted to a list-style NavBar menu by editing the menu root and adding one option: "childrenAttributes" and give it a value of {"class":"nav navbar-nav"} (include the braces {} and use double-qutoes.)

Then, in the BlocksModule create a (or move the existing) block to the 'navbar' position (hopefully obviously, your theme needs to support this - the core's Bootstrap theme does so).

Your menu should now work as expected in the navbar.

Drop Menu

This menu is slightly less intuitive. You must create a structure like so:

Menu Root ("MyDropMenu")
    ––– Displayed "Parent" (first child) ("Click Here")
            -- Child 1 (link)
            -- Child 2 (link)
            -- etc…

As above for the standard NavBar, you must set the childrenAttributes as {"class":"nav navbar-nav"} on the Menu root.

On the displayed parent (the actual first child) you must set an option for attributes with a value of at least {"dropdown":true}. You can add an icon or other attributes as you need like so: {"icon":"fas fa-list","dropdown":true}

For each grand-child, no special options are required. options like route or URI and attributes are still functional.

PLEASE NOTE: Bootstrap does not support multi-level menus (great-grand-children, etc) and therefore neither does this method in Zikula. While there may be methods to implement something to this effect, it is currently not implemented here.