Form helpers

Using Symfony forms, there is often a need for various customizations in the template. Some of these are simplified in Zikula.

Form theming

Zikula provides two form themes that can be used together or separately

{% form_theme form with [
] %}

The @ZikulaFormExtension/Form/bootstrap_4_zikula_admin_layout.html.twig theme automatically 'bootstrapifies' the form so all elements use the Bootstrap 4 form styles. This is an extension of Symfony's own bootstrap theme. Additional customizations are added to format the form in a standard Zikula 'admin' style form.

Input additions

When using @ZikulaFormExtension/Form/bootstrap_4_zikula_admin_layout.html.twig you can specify 'help' text, 'alert' text and 'input_group' parameters for each form element.

Help text can be a simple text value. Input groups must be an array with the position as key and the content as value.

->add('foo', TextType::class, [
    'help' => 'Foo help text.',
    'input_group' => [
        'left' => '<i class="fas fa-rocket"></i>',
        'right' => 'some text'

It is also possible to have multiple help text elements using an array:

->add('foo', TextType::class, [
    'help' => ['Foo help text.', 'Bar another text.']

You can use HTML inside help messages if you enable the help_html option:

->add('foo', TextType::class, [
    'help' => '<a target="_blank" href="…">Look up your ZIP code.</a>',
    'help_html' => true

Alert texts must be an array with the keys as the text and the value as the type:

->add('foo', TextType::class, [
    'alert' => [
        'Foo alert text.' => 'warning',
        'Bar alert text.' => 'danger'

When using @ZikulaFormExtension/Form/form_div_layout.html.twig you can specify an 'icon' parameter to button form elements.

->add('save', SubmitType::class, [
    'label' => 'Save',
    'icon' => 'fa-check',
    'attr' => ['class' => 'btn btn-success']

In addition, the help, alert, input_group and icon parameters can be set in the template if desired.