Cache clearer

The cache clearer is implemented by the \Zikula\Bundle\CoreBundle\CacheClearer class and intended to be used for clearing (parts of) the Symfony cache. The cache clearer provides one method: clear($type). The $type argument determines what part of the cache shall be deleted. The following types are supported:

  1. symfony
    • symfony.routing.generator: Deletes the url generator files.
    • symfony.routing.matcher: Deletes the url matcher files.
    • symfony.routing.fosjs: Deletes the cache files for route generation in javascript (using the FOSJsRoutingBundle)
    • symfony.config: Deletes the container configuration cache files.
    • symfony.annotations
    • symfony.translations
  2. twig
  3. purifier
  4. assets

Note: The service keys are "namespaced", meaning you can also specify symfony.routing to delete the url generator AND matcher files. Or, specifying simply symfony clears all symfony caches.

Usage example: