Zikula hook naming

By convention we use lower case letters and numbers, with full-stop and underscore characters only. The full-stop is used to separate out logically separate items (a kind of namespacing) while the underscore is used in place of a space character to punctuate logically connected items.

Area naming

Areas must all be unique, please use this format:


Type can be 'subscriber' or 'provider'

For example:

provider.ratings.ui_hooks.rating (the provider area in 'ui_hooks' category)
subscriber.blog.ui_hooks.articles  (the subscriber area in 'ui_hooks' category)

provider.ratings.filter_hooks.rating (the provider area in 'filter_hooks' category)
subscriber.blog.filter_hooks.articles  (the subscriber area in 'filter_hooks' category)

Hook events

In this section we will discuss the actual hookable event that is triggered by a subscriber module. The hook event object encapsulates information about the hookable event. First, we need the hook event name, e.g. <module>.<category>.<area>.<type>.

Naming convention

Hook events should be named as follows:


Event Trigger

To create a hookable event, create an appropriate hook object and then notify that hook using hook's notify() method.