Interface: \Zikula\ExtensionsModule\Api\ApiInterface\CapabilityApiInterface.
Class: \Zikula\ExtensionsModule\Api\CapabilityApi.

This class defines and tests for the capabilities of an extension.

The class makes the following methods available:

 * Get all the Extensions with a requested capability.
 * @return ExtensionEntity[]
public function getExtensionsCapableOf(string $capability): iterable;

 * Determine if extension is capable of requested capability.
 * Returns capability array if capability is true.
 * @return array|bool capability definition or false
public function isCapable(string $extensionName, string $requestedCapability);

 * Get the capabilities array of an extension.
public function getCapabilitiesOf(string $extensionName): array;

The class is fully tested.


classname: \Zikula\ExtensionsModule\Api\ApiInterface\CapabilityApiInterface.

This interface defines several constants for use in the Core and Extensions. The strings should be used when defining the capabilities array in an extension's composer.json file.

CapabilityApiInterface::CATEGORIZABLE = 'categorizable';
CapabilityApiInterface::USER = 'user';
CapabilityApiInterface::ADMIN = 'admin';

See the interface class for more details.

Defining capabilities in an extension

The capabilities array is defined in an extension's composer.json file as an "array of arrays". Although no extension would implement every capability, here is a full example of capabilities tested within the Core.

extra": {
    "zikula": {
        "url": "
        "capabilities": {
            "admin": {
                "route": "acmefoomodule_admin_index",
                "icon": "fas fa-rocket"
            "user": {
                "route": "acmefoomodule_user_index"
            "categorizable": {
                "entities": ["Acme\\FooModule\\Entity\\FooEntity", "Acme\\FooModule\\Entity\\BarEntity"]

Third party extensions are welcome to add custom capabilities and test for those as required.