Static Pages

New in Core 3.1.0

Zikula now includes the StaticContentModule as a Value-Added extension in Core-3.1.0. With this, basic template-driven static content is easily implemented in Zikula. Simply create a template with the needed content in /templates/p/ like /templates/p/apple.html.twig. Then direct your browser to /p/apple and the template will be displayed.

Any standard HTML can be used as well as any template functions and global template variables.

  • {{ siteName() }}
  • {{ pagevars.title }}
  • {{ currentUser.loggedIn }}
  • {{ app.request.method }}
  • {{ pageAddAsset('javascript', asset('/path/from/public/to/my/javascript.js')) }}
  • etc...

There is no way to add additional variables in these pages.

Better pages

To display more advanced pages and non-static content please see