Zikula now includes the StaticContentModule as a Value-Added extension in Core-3.1.0. With this, standard blocks exist in Zikula to create and display basic content.

  • HTML Block
  • Text Block
  • Xslt Block
  • File Include Block
  • New in Core 3.1.0 - Template Block

HTML Block

Renders and displays basic HTML content.

Text Block

Renders text only. Strips all tags and converts new lines to breaks.

Xslt Block

Parses and displays an XML document using PHP's XSL extension.

File Include Block

Displays a file when provided with a path to the file.

Template Block

New in Core 3.1.0 Renders a twig template when provided with a path to the template.

More blocks

Other extensions can provide additional content-providing blocks to Zikula. For example, the EZComments Module provides blocks to display recent comments and the most commented content. Check out other extensions for more!