The CategoriesModule provides a CategoryTreeType form type for ease of use with Symfony Forms. It is implemented by the \Zikula\CategoriesModule\Form\Type\CategoryTreeType class.

With this you can add choice fields for selecting one or multiple categories from the overall categories tree.

Required options

  • translator - the translator.default service

Optional options

  • all attributes from the choice form type
  • locale - (string) the locale to be used (default en).
  • recurse - (boolean) whether or not to recurse (if false, only direct subfolders are retrieved) (default true).
  • relative - (boolean) whether or not to also generate relative paths (default true).
  • includeRoot - (boolean) whether to include the root node or not (default false).
  • includeLeaf - (boolean) whether to include leaf nodes or not (default false).
  • all - (boolean) whether or not to return all (or only active) categories (default false).