Interface: \Zikula\ExtensionsModule\Api\ApiInterface\CategoryPermissionApiInterface.
Class: \Zikula\CategoriesModule\Api\CategoryPermissionApi.

The CategoryPermissionApi helps with implementing permission checks based on categories.

The class makes the following method available:

 * Check for access to a certain set of categories.
 * For each category property in the list, check if we have access to that category in that property.
 * Check is done as "ZikulaCategoriesModule:PropertyId:CategoryId", "$regId::$catId"
 * @param AbstractCategoryAssignment[] $categoryAssignments
public function hasCategoryAccess(
    array $categoryAssignments,
    int $permLevel = ACCESS_OVERVIEW,
    bool $requireAccessForAll = false
): bool;

$categoryAssignments must be an array of \Zikula\CategoriesModule\Entity\AbstractCategoryAssignment.

The class is fully tested.

Usage example:

$hasAccess = $this->categoryPermissionApi->hasCategoryAccess($page->getCategoryAssignments());