Bundle config

As of Zikula 3.1.0, all bundle config options that were previously stored in services_custom.yaml are now stored in standard Symfony config objects. The largest advantage of this approach is that default values can be easily set in php and do not need to be stored in yaml files. Therefore only non-default values must be set in the config objects. As of 3.1.0, the following bundles/extensions have config objects in use:

These files are stored in the config/packages directory. If these files do not exist in your installation, do not be alarmed. The file will only exist if non-default values have been set previously. If only default values are in use, the file is removed because it is unneeded.

In most situations, these files can be safely ignored. The values within will be updated when config changes are made via the UI within the Zikula admin settings. It is permissible, however, for advanced users to alter the values of these files manually. When this is done, the cache must be manually cleared for new values to function. Be warned; manual alteration of any config value can have unintended side effects including complete disabling of your website.