Importing users from a CSV file

You can import a CSV file to create many users quickly. The CLI method is recommended. For both methods, you must create a CSV file:

The first row of the CSV file must contain the field names. It must be like this:



  • uname(mandatory) - The user name. This value must be unique.
  • pass(mandatory) - The user password. It must have 8 characters or more. Preferentially containing letters and numbers.
  • email(mandatory) - The user email. If the validation method is based on the user email this value must be unique.
  • activated- Type 0 if user is not active, 1 if the user must be active. The default value is 1.
  • sendmail- Type 1 if the system must send the password to the user via email and 0 otherwise. The default value is 1. The Symfony Mailer component must be active and correctly configured. The email is sent only if user activated value is upper than 0.
  • groups- The identities of the groups where the user must belong separated by the character |. If you do not specify any group, the default group is Users. Undefined groups will be ignored.

An example of a valid CSV file


Another example of a valid CSV file

bin/console zikula:users:import path/to/my/file/importUsers.txt

Via web interface

route: /zauth/fileIO/import