Generate Users

You can generate any number of users by using the CLI command below:


bin/console zikula:users:generate


  • --active=[A|I|P|M|R]
    • A all users active (default)
    • I all users inactive
    • P all users pending
    • M all users marked for deletion
    • R random assignment per user (A|I|P|M)
  • --verified=[0|1|2]
    • 0 all user emails unverified
    • 1 all user emails verified (default)
    • 2 random assignment per user (0|1)
  • --regdate='(>)YYYYMMDD'

    • setting just a date like 20000101 will set that as regdate for all created users.
    • adding > before the date will make each regdate a random date between the provided date and now.

    bin/console zikula:users:generate --active=I --verified=2 --regdate='>20000101'