Interface: \Zikula\UsersBundle\Api\ApiInterface\CurrentUserApiInterface.
Class: \Zikula\UsersBundle\Api\CurrentUserApi.

The CurrentUserApi can be used to obtain the properties of the user operating at runtime. Any property of the UserEntity is available. For example, to obtain the User id (uid) of the current user:


Or to check if the current user is logged in:

if ($this->currentUserApi->isLoggedIn()) {
    return $this->redirectToRoute('zikulausersbundle_account_menu');

The class makes the following methods available:

 * Check if current user is logged in.
public function isLoggedIn(): bool;

 * Gets a property for the given key.
 * @return mixed
public function get(string $key);

The get method can be used to acquire any property of the UserEntity.

The class is fully tested.