PermissionCheck Annotation

  • Class: \Zikula\PermissionsModule\Annotation\PermissionCheck
  • Also see: \Zikula\PermissionsModule\Listener\ControllerPermissionCheckAnnotationReaderListener

This annotation is used in a Controller Action Method OR Controller Class in one of two ways.

  1. Like so: @PermissionCheck("admin") Possible alias values are:

    • 'admin'
    • 'delete'
    • 'add'
    • 'edit'
    • 'moderate'
    • 'comment'
    • 'read'
    • 'overview'

    In the above cases,

    • the component will be like AcmeFooModule::
    • the instance will be ::
    • the level will be the corresponding ACCESS_* constant (e.g. ACCESS_ADMIN)

    Also allowed: @PermissionCheck("ACCESS_ADMIN")

  2. You can also pass any valid permission schema (e.g. @PermissionCheck({"ZikulaCategoriesModule::category", "ID::5", "ACCESS_EDIT"}).

    • Note the use of curly brackets {} within for this type of value.

    The listener will attempt to replace any variable with a route attribute value. For example if the annotation is @PermissionCheck({"ZikulaGroupsModule::", "$gid::", "ACCESS_EDIT"}) then the listener will look for an 'gid' attribute in the Request object and replace the variable name with its value when testing for permissions.
    You can also use $_zkModule as the extension name if preferred, e.g. @PermissionCheck({"$_zkModule::", "$gid::", "ACCESS_EDIT"}).
    You can also use the access alias if preferred, e.g. @PermissionCheck({"$_zkModule::", "$gid::", "edit"}).

Please note: You cannot use @PermissionCheck() in both the Class and the Method. This will produce an AnnotationException.



use Zikula\PermissionsModule\Annotation\PermissionCheck;
// ...

 * @Route("/admin/edit/{gid}", requirements={"gid" = "^[1-9]\d*$"})
 * @PermissionCheck({"$_zkModule::", "$gid::", "edit"})
 * @Theme("admin")
 * @Template("@ZikulaGroupsModule/Group/edit.html.twig")
 * Modify a group.
public function editAction(
    Request $request,
    GroupEntity $groupEntity,
    EventDispatcherInterface $eventDispatcher
) { ... }


use Zikula\PermissionsModule\Annotation\PermissionCheck;
// ...

 * Class ThemeController
 * @Route("/config")
 * @PermissionCheck("admin")
class ConfigController extends AbstractController
     * @Route("/config")
     * @Theme("admin")
     * @Template("@ZikulaThemeModule/Config/config.html.twig")
    public function configAction() { ... }