Zikula Core - Application Framework

Zikula Core is an Application Framework which extends Symfony 5.x and includes technologies fostering a dynamic modular development paradigm and Twig-based theming system which allows for rapid website and application development. See the features section below for more information.

Zikula also features an MDSD tool for rapid prototyping and module development called ModuleStudio or MOST.

Zikula can quickly become a Content Management System utilizing community-driven modules.

Some features of Zikula Core system


  • Based on Symfony 5.x which provides stability, continuity and extensibility
  • Uses Doctrine for persisting data
  • Uses Twig as template engine
  • Uses Mailer Component for email handling

Extensions and bundles

  • Modular development system
    • Modules are bundles which can be installed/uninstalled during runtime
  • Hook system for connecting module features with each other
    • Hooks are a dynamic event dispatcher, allowing the administrator to choose which listeners respond to events.

Themes and templating

  • Twig-based theme engine for site-wide theming
    • Themes are bundles which can be installed/uninstalled during runtime
  • Integration of common frontend technologies
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Font Awesome
    • jQuery

Users and security

  • Users and Groups management
    • OAuth integration
    • Extensible/customizable User authorization API
  • Dynamic user rights/permissions management by group
  • Included add-ons
    • OAuth module (allows login via Facebook, Github, Google or LinkedIn credentials)
    • Profile module (user profile information)
    • Legal module (TOS, Age Check, etc)


  • Centralized site administration interface
  • Multi-language & translation support
  • Centralized category management
  • Dynamic and flexible content block creation
  • Centralized search functionality
  • Menu system based on KnpMenu

Developer gems

  • Centralized category assignments by entity
  • Several distinct APIs for feature utilization
  • Imagine image manipulation library integration
  • CLI based module skeleton generator
  • Multi-Sites capability (one core-base, multiple custom DB)

Further components

ModuleStudio (MOST)

  • Model-Driven Software Development tool
    • rapid prototyping
    • easy customization
    • quick updating
  • Creates models describing your extensions
  • Generates the Zikula module implementation
  • Read more at the project's website

Community Driven Modules

See Extensions > Content and Extensions > Other.